Master Character Directory

The Consilium of the Green Orchard

The Adamantine Arrow

The Cabal of the Blue Cloud
Téméraire, Moros, Master, Adamant Sage, Hierarch (Theme)
Superb, Obrimos, Adept, First Talon (Theme)
Sosipatra, Thyrsus, Disciple
Heka, Mastigos, Disciple
Beyer, Acanthus, Disciple
Arete, Moros, Disciple

The Cabal of the Blind Sage
Abstract, Moros, Adept, First Talon (Theme)
Xico, Moros, Adept
Barmby, Obrimos, Disciple
Otis, Acanthus, Disciple
Gavia, Thyrsus, Disciple
Damo, Mastigos, Disciple
Columbia, Obrimos, Disciple
Bendigo, Mastigos, Apprentice

The Cabal of the American Dance
Aldebaran, Acanthus, Adept, First Talon
Mirabeau, Acanthus, Adept
Haye, Obrimos, Adept
Pica, Thyrsus, Adept

The Cabal of the Settled Ash
Kapali, Thyrsus, Disciple
Adelborg, Mastigos, Apprentice
Fuller, Moros, Initiate

The Cabal of the Voiceless Garden
Palden Lhamo, Thyrsus, Adept, First Talon
Coppin, Mastigos, Disciple
Vayu, Obrimos, Apprentice
Okeechobee, Acanthus, Initiate
Noe, Moros, Initiate
Sujata, Thyrsus, Initiate
Morrow, Obrimos, Initiate

The Silver Ladder

Dormition, Thyrsus, Master, Magister
Red Cat, Mastigos, Adept
Geospiza, Obrimos, Initiate

The Guardians of the Veil

Marisol Baker (Theme)
Charles Moore
Abel Hall
Encrypt Zulu (Theme)

The Mysterium

The Cabal of the Gold Plain
Dido, Acanthus, Master, Hierarch Superior, Councilor (Theme)
Jadwiga, Obrimos, Adept, Daduchos Superior
Hosea, Moros, Disciple, Daduchos Superior, Savant

The Davis Athenaeum
Anthony, Thyrsus, Adept, Daduchos Superior, Curator, Councilor
Bantam, Acanthus, Disciple, Daduchos Inferior
Bartky, Mastigos, Disciple, Daduchos Inferior, Acquisitor
Kaus, Obrimos, Disciple, Daduchos Inferior, Acquisitor
Tanhankara, Moros, Apprentice, Neokoros Superior, Acquisitor
Deneb, Thyrsus, Apprentice, Neokoros Inferior
Ion, Obrimos, Initiate, Neokoros Inferior
Moho, Thyrsus, Initiate, Neokoros Inferior
Atrio, Castigos, Initiate, Neokoros Inferior
Houdini, Acanthus, Apprentice, Neokoros Inferior (Theme)

The Sacramento Valley Council of Free Assemblies

The Cabal of the Indigo Sky
Bell, Obrimos, Master, Councilor
Océan, Mastigos, Master, Councilor
Diadem, Obrimos, Adept, Minuteman Chief
Heliolais, Thyrsus, Adept, Citizen Agent

Boomer, Obrimos, Adept, Syndic*
Sooner, Obrimos, Adept, Syndic
Oasis Child, Thyrsus, Adept (Theme)
Crary, Moros, Adept, Emissary
Code, Acanthus, Adept, Minuteman
Ponsonby, Mastigos, Adept, Minuteman
Maui, Obrimos, Adept, Minuteman
Furud, Thyrsus, Disciple, Minuteman
Julia, Moros, Disciple, Minuteman

Wheeler, Mastigos, Disciple, Voter
Zosma, Mastigos, Disciple, Voter
Slick, Moros, Disciple, Voter
Ready, Acanthus, Disciple, Voter
Voi, Acanthus, Disciple, Voter
Tissot, Obrimos, Disciple, Voter
Balaton, Thyrsus, Disciple, Voter
Tumbala, Mastigos, Disciple, Voter
Trubee, Obrimos, Disciple

Caddo, Acanthus, Apprentice, Voter
Modesta, Moros, Apprentice, Voter
LeGuin, Obrimos, Apprentice, Voter
Sankara, Mastigos, Apprentice, Voter
Ajesha, Thyrsus, Apprentice, Voter
Anger, Obrimos, Apprentice, Voter
Luxemburg, Thyrsus, Apprentice, Voter
Ware, Mastigos, Apprentice, Voter

Tendo, Thyrsus, Initiate, Voter
Synapse, Mastigos, Initiate, Voter
Juchitan, Obrimos, Initiate, Voter
Kinak, Acanthus, Initiate, Voter
Nicarete, Acanthus, Initiate, Voter
Laredo, Moros, Initiate, Voter
Raham, Obrimos, Initiate, Voter
Durham, Thyrsus, Initiate, Voter
Yakima, Moros, Initiate, Voter
Shasta, Thyrsus, Initiate, Voter

The Reading Room
Sotheby, Mastigos, Disciple, Voter
Reck, Thyrsus, Disciple, Voter
Idaten, Mastigos, Apprentice, Voter
Eos, Obrimos, Initiate

Rupicola, Moros

*The one on the left

The Seers of the Throne

Adna, Mastigos


Byron Spring, The Firearm King

The Gate

Master Character Directory

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